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stepCASE are we:

Irina + Stepan + Lara + Larisa + Igor' + Eugene + Natalie + 2 Julias + Vlad + Polina
(on the photo, certainly, not everybody, but only those who likes to be photographed).

It is great, that we do many things TOGETHER: together we work, together we are friends, and together we grow! We love business in which we are engaged, and consequently, WE ARE SUCESSFUL.
We want much AND MORE, but first of all to be special to our partners and in response
receive from them only positive emotions and effective results.

We are stepCASE:

The company, since 2002 specializing in business leather goods, the owner of 3 trade marks:
highly qualitative portfolios, folders, business bags, cases for laptops, handy cases made of modern artificial materials. All these are production for businessmen who appreciat reliable, practical, functional things.
business portfolios and bags made of genuine Italian leather. SHEFF is created for businessmen and business lady. Modern, not ordinary, free, NOT SUCH AS ALL!
portfolios and folders from artificial leather for rational and economical people.

Our office:

77/79, Sumskaya Str., office 137

Tel: + 380577574540/41/42
e-mail: salesdep@stepbystep.com.ua

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