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«SHEFF» briefcases and bags Ч what makes them different?

All models are made of quality Italian genuine leather of natural tannin.

Tanning is necessary processing of leather by solution of different hardener substance. In the result leather becomes strong, flexible, wear proof. Besides the bacteria are being destroyed Ч so tanned leather do not decay.  

There are several types of tanning exist: by chrome compounds, by fats of different kinds of fish and sea animals, by chemical elements and finally by mineral extracts of wood (which is called natural tanning).

Italian genuine leather of natural tanning possesses the following advantages:

  • ecological leather, which doesn't contain any chemical components
  • it's a soft leather, which has increased durability and exposure resistance
  • it has minimal stretching  factor

Our leather has  special covering which protects it from water and dirt influence, and also  serve as extra protection from mechanical damages

Main points of our QUALITY in DETAILS:

  • Italian genuine leather is used on the internal  sides of covers of «SHEFF» products.
  • Internal lining made of durable Nylon.
  • Metal accessories made of aluminum and nickel alloy of high quality. Special covering «brushed» provides metal accessories scratch and corrosion protection.
  • Innovative quality locks. Quality making.

Thought-out functionality

  • Each functional element placed at the right position.
  • This gives buyer extra comfort, quick access to needed object and convenience in using «SHEFF» product.
  • Each model has its own functionality and distinctive features.  This provides originality of «SHEFF» products.
  • Nice gift for a buyer Ч branded leather key holder (trinket).
  • Some models are so roomy that  they can be taken into business trip.

Extra protection is provided by the following:

Each product packed in polyethylene package, durable synthetic bag and firm cardboard box.

Products are branded that guarantees originality.

Irresistible Mustang and Florence leather of alluring stamping finally makes a buyer to buy «SHEFF» production.

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