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Leather care

Any leather product do not like water. Therefore before going out with leather product it is required to treat  briefcase/bag with leather  care substance. Further condition of your leather product will depend much on regular leather care.

If the product got wet, dry it at room temperature away from sources of heat.

Regularly clean the product of dust by damp cloth.

To remove stain, spray on it some stain-remover and rub it in by dry cloth. Do not apply benzine, acetone, and other stiff mortars.

Leather paint can be sensitive to sun light, so avoid keeping product for a long time under intensive sun light.

By storing product in polyethylene package it  does not have access for air what lead to leather dry out. Therefore keep leather goods in linen bags.

Wrinkles and  small folds leather is a nature drawing. They are not defects of face side of a product.

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